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Buy blown film machine, bag making machine, printing machine customers first need to understand the content
First: What is your own product (plastic film).
Second: the maximum size and minimum size of your product, including the thickness.
Third: the use of their products, is used to make bags or bags or sheets, because the choice of bags and sheets of the selected model is not the same.
Fourth: high product requirements are not high, there is no printing or laminating, flatness requirements of the product is not very high, what kind of configuration required.

Blowing film Machine
First: blown film machine models can be divided according to the width of the general divided into 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm-3000m range can be customized, the price depends on the model and the machine configuration may be, the larger the model the higher the price.
Second: blown film machine can also be divided according to the screw model is generally divided into 50, 55, 60, 65 range.
Bag Making Machine
First: the same bag making machine and blown film machine according to the width of the model, according to the width of the price.
There are many types of bag making machines, such as supermarket shopping bags, even roll bags, trash bags, garment bags, flat pockets and ziplock bags. Bagging machines of different types are naturally different. For details, please contact our sales staff.
Printing machine
First: The printing press gravure and letterpress 2 kinds of printing methods.
Letterpress: Advantages of printing ink environmental protection, low plate-making costs, low cost of electricity and printing ink, printing a variety of materials, such as: film, paper, non-woven fabrics, woven bags and other printed materials, printed materials vary in different configurations . (At present: Toppan machine development trend is better)
The disadvantage is that the effect of printing film gravure bright, easy to operate rough edges.
Gravure: Advantages of printing film experts, the effect is good, high-end gravure printing machine can automatically set the color computer, printing speed, easy to operate, get started faster.
The disadvantage is the high cost of electricity, the unit is too long, the ink taste larger, higher plate-making costs.

Customer Q & A
Q: Is it possible to produce different specifications?
A: Yes, if you want to 600mm-type equipment, then do 600mm wide can adjust their own. For example: 20CM 40CM 45CM 50CM 55CM, etc., can produce.

Q: How to buy your equipment?
A: Confirm the purchase of our equipment, we will do a formal contract to my company, you will need to buy the above product name, trademark, model, manufacturer, quantity, amount, delivery time, installation and commissioning, warranty Wait.

Q: Delivery time is long?
A: The standard equipment is normal under normal circumstances, the delivery time is that we receive the deposit, the standard product shipped by the production schedule 7-10 days. It takes 15-20 days for a busy situation.

Q: Payment is in what way?
A: Prepaid 30% of the total deposit to do the deposit, the remaining 70% of the balance of acceptance before delivery one-time payment.

Q: Will buying your machines teach us to operate in a row?
A: Yes, the machine to your place within three working days, we will send commissioning staff to you to install debugging and counseling for you. These are free, no extra charges for you.

Q: installation, repair parts is broken how to deal with?
A: The device warranty period of one year, one year the parts are broken, as long as the quality problems can be sent back to our company for repair, can not repair the free replacement of the new, will be the fastest way to you. Will not delay your production, the details can refer to our service terms.

Q: Your company's machines are successful customers can visit it?
A: My company's products are sold throughout the country and exported dozens of countries and regions, many customers operate well, but due to peer taboo, customers are generally not willing to let others visit. However, we will try to arrange to try to meet your requirements, please understand if it is indeed inconvenient. If the company bought the machine, we will teach you on-site installation and commissioning and training techniques or technical services to help people come to our service, we must let you satisfied.

Q: After you buy your company's machines, how is transportation handled?
A: After the customer purchases the equipment, our company provides the agent freight service (the customer also can contact the freight by oneself), the equipment is transported by the logistics company, the expense is paid by the customer, and the freight is paid for. If damaged in transit, the customer may not pick up the goods, do not pay the freight, and then notify our logistics department, our company will work with you to deal with compensation and equipment maintenance matters.

Service commitment

After-sales service commitment
Free warranty service commitment:
Appliances: 1 year free warranty, life-long maintenance
Switch: 1 year free warranty, life-long maintenance
Machine entities: 1 year free warranty, life-long maintenance

A: Machine manufacturing service commitment
After the signing of the contract, according to the finished products provided by the customer and the machine configuration parameters provided by the factory acceptance criteria for the manufacturer.
1. If the customer selected (machinery and equipment) we will arrange production directly, regularly notify the customer of the progress of production.
2. If the customer selected product parameters for the non-standard products, we will re-design, manufacture, test according to customer parameters until completed. Throughout the manufacturing process, customers can send technical staff to our manufacturing plant to supervise, inspect and inspect the entire contract manufacturing process to ensure product delivery and product quality.
3. In the production process if the customer proposes to change or add accessories on the machinery and equipment, we are committed to actively cooperate with customers.

B: delivery, acceptance service commitment
1. 2 days prior to delivery to inform customers, customers are advised to arrange cargo inspection staff, lifting equipment, the best conditions to determine a warehouse.
2. To the scene we will send professionals to contact you need to be equipped with those needs.
3. When unloading, you must choose the stacking site. If it is piled up in the open air, the product should be well protected against rain, moisture and theft.
4. Acceptance, please carefully count the number of goods to ensure that product models, the number of contracts with the product number consistent with the number, if there is any omission to take timely remedial measures, customer acceptance staff to confirm the integrity of the packing list information and visual appearance quality products.

C: Installation, commissioning service commitment
1. Within 24 hours after receiving customer installation notification, we will arrange technical staff.
2. Technical personnel according to the site conditions to develop equipment installation order, installation precautions.
3. When the technician arrives at the customer's factory, the technician will determine the commissioning plan according to the factory conditions and instruct the customer to do the preparatory work before commissioning. If the parameters differ from the prescribed values, we promise to find the reason with the fastest speed.

D: service commitment within the warranty period
1. Service Specification: We promise service personnel to use the scene, the language courtesy, kindness, more to see, think more, talk less and more service, if the sales staff have one of the above situations may complain;
2 suits and leather did not speak bad attitude can complain;
3. objective reasons speaking, speaking condition, the buyer can complain;
4. Services are not standardized, rude attitude, and even disputes with customers can complain; complaints Tel: +8615221892684 Once verified the above service is not standardized sales staff , We will be dealt with severely until the user approved.

E: Quality management commitment
After-sales staff to the scene in a timely manner to determine the quality of the reasons for the rapid solution to the problem is given, can be promptly addressed, immediately deal with, can not be handled in time with the customer's consent, to take all possible measures to ensure the operation of equipment. If you need replacement parts or equipment, we promise unconditional replacement, all the spare parts during the warranty period are free.

F: After the warranty service commitments
1. Free training: user operators to the factory to participate in maintenance, maintenance training.
2. Regular visits: We will provide users with a lifetime of tracking service.
3. Fragile spare parts supply: After the warranty period, only the cost of spare parts costs, and long-term to provide the best price of accessories


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Number: SP1001GZ1309648
Issue Date: 2013-09-23
Scope/Range: plastic package production line
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